Knowing the ingredients of cosmetics, you use goes hand-in-hand with being able to protect your skin properly. If you know the exact ingredients, you never have to worry about hash chemicals potentially irritating your skin. At the heart of all soap recipes are two main ingredients: oil and caustic soda. All other ingredients like essential oils and botanicals added to provide benefits to the soap.

Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is necessary in soapmaking process. It is the reaction between caustic soda and the oils that produces soap. Once that reaction (called saponification) is complete there is no caustic soda remaining in the finished soap bar. Water is used to help activate caustic soda and disperse it through the oils.


There are many options when it comes to oils. Modern soapmakers have the advantage of being able to formulate soaps using all type of oils in order to make their unique bar. Each oil imparts different qualities to the final soap. At Peonies and Blossoms we specially love coconut oil, extra virgin olive and unrefined, organic shea butter.

Coconut oil is rich in essential saturated fatty acids and Vitamin E. An excellent moisturiser for skin. Keeps skin soft and supple. Shea butter contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants. Extra Virgin Olive makes soap with excellent conditioning properties.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the natural extracts from plants or flowers and great option for scenting soap naturally. Pure essential oils have many therapeutic effects. All Peonies and Blossoms we blend essential oils and produce some amazing scents.

There’s absolutely no synthetic fragrances in our soap.

Here are just few of our favorite essential oils:

Sweet Orange – refreshing and zesty oil that we have paired with Cinnamon Leaf Essential oil in our Orange Coffee Soap for a truly magical blend of sweet and spicy.

May Chang – bright and energizing has uplifting properties and strong effect on prompting physical well-being. We have paired it with Lemon Essential Oil in our Lemon Drizzle Soap.

Rosemary – refreshing herbaceous oil that has an uplifting, warm aroma and will leave you feeling invigorated and revitalized. We have paired it with Lime Essential Oil in our Charcoal Detox Soap.

Patchouli – known as an aphrodisiac with musky, spicy yet sweet aroma. We have paired Patchouli Essential Oil with the cleansing properties of Thyme and refreshing Spearmint in our Earthy Patchouli with Thyme Soap.

Cedarwood – woody, rich and balsamic scent that marries well with citrus note from bergamot in our Into The Woods Soap.

Lavender – smells divine and has a calming and soothing effect on the senses. You can find it in our Lavender Fields Soap.


The word botanicals simply means natural fruit, flower, leaf, and root additives that impart either color, visual interest, or exfoliation to soap. At Peonies and Blossoms we love adding natural herbs, dried flower petals to our soaps as well as exfoliations like coffee granules or poppy seeds to create a more scrubby soap.