The inspiration behind

The inspiration behind Peonies and Blossoms was my passion for natural products that stemmed from my childhood spent in Poland as well as passion for traveling. Visiting different countries, I was able to see and try all those beautiful gifts of Mother Nature. I will never forget the aroma of fresh lemons or rosemary in Greece as well as the smell of forest after rain in Poland.

This journey started from TV program I watched few years ago. Elderly woman from England decided to move to Spain and completely change her lifestyle. She started to make natural soaps in a small workshop using just local ingredients and then sell them to local hoteliers.

Practice makes perfect

Inspired by her very soon as gifts for friends and family I began creating natural soaps. Having demanding job and working long hours, I could only focus on my passion over weekends. My recipes where getting better and better so soon I left my city job to focus solely on creating soaps.

One day, sipping coffee with my friends in one of the London’s café we came up with the name and the new chapter on my life began… I hope you like what I have to offer.

Marzena, Founder

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